I am a photographer living in Oakland California, I am originally from the Boston area, moved to NYC and studied photography at Pratt Institute for two years before leaving to work as an assistant for numerous fashion photographers.


In my work I am exploring historical allegory and religious symbolism, particularly inrenaissance and baroque art, using photography to create new ways of approaching the concepts behind the work of old masters and the intricate history and mythos therein.


My work alludes to the side notes of history; I am interested in depicting the untold stories behind paintings, the forgotten prophets, the hypocrisies and revelations and small tragedies in the lives of great authors, artists, and mathematicians that lead to their creations. It is the little known passages of novels and the forgotten symbolic library that was once reverberated through the art world  that I reach for in my photos, combining my original passion for fashion photography with a desire to create work that resonates with the symbolism of the past.